You Know Nothing & Like It

By Mike Johnson

NOTHING you know, from birth until departing earth, is true.
From your dearth of self-worth to the very planetís girth, every falsehood you believe as true is fodder for Godís mirth.

When I say nothing, I mean mathematical nothing. Sure, you grasp a few truths here and there, but the number of lies you fully believe are so enormous as to make your few truths statistically zero.

In fact, you have to round up just to REACH zero.

This is because the devilís systems run earth. Youíve been indoctrinated with non-stop lies since your soul slipped into a body and left the womb. And I mean WHOPPERS. The bigger the lie, the harder it is to challenge it.

If youíre like most, you donít even realize it. Youíre so far in the weeds you donít even know youíre in the weeds. In fact, when people tell you that youíre in the weeds, you argue that there is no such thing as weeds. Then you enthusiastically defend the crab grass that told you that weeds donít exist.

Your history is a lie.
Your news is a lie.
Your reality is a lie.

Authority is a lie.
Your purpose is a lie.
Sickness and death are a lie.

Money is a lie.
Loans are a lie.
Taxes are a lie.

What you value is a lie.
Social trends are a lie.
Influencers are a lie.

The spinning globe is a lie.
NASA is a lie.
Space is a lie.

Employment is a lie.
Paychecks are a lie.
Retirement accounts are a lie.

Evolution is a lie.
Global warming is a lie.
Racism is a lie.

Over-population is a lie.
Scarcity of resources is a lie.
War is a lie.

Laws are a lie.
Enforcers are a lie.
Justice is a lie.

Voting is a lie.
Democracy is a lie.
Freedom is a lie.

Pick any topic, research it outside of mainstream sources, and you quickly learn it is far different than publicly portrayed.

Sadly, most people will never do this. Not even once during their entire life. They leave the planet more ignorant than when they arrived. Worse, they attack the people who DID the research and are trying to share greater truth.

So not only are these ignorant people clueless and close-minded, they are aggressive against the people who could make their lives exponentially better.

This is especially true of unaware leaders, enforcers and "social activists."

The dishonest ones are devils purposely destroying us. Without divine intervention, they are unredeemable.

Personal growth and illumination are an individual journey. Only Christ could save the world. The rest of us have to apply a curious mind, research, discernment and brain power, to discover just enough truth, to save ourselves.

As for the ignoramuses?

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.

But they sure are funny to watch.


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