Animal Magnetism

By Mike Johnson

Animals can feel my vibe. I know this from their response.

Yesterday, we finally hit a sunny 70 degrees. The woodpile feeding stations were active with birds and chipmunks. Four deer had just enjoyed a green grass snack. The Border Collie had retrieved a few sticks.

I sauntered toward the end of the covered patio connected to the barn. I stood in the small gap between the shed and retaining wall. I admired the forest. The snow-patched hilly terrain. The expansive mountain view behind the barn.

A chipmunk appeared. I cooed a little pillow talk. He scurried closer, right to my feet.

A red-breasted robin hopped nearby, pecking up insects on the ground. I spoke to her too. She moved within 10 feet.

We stood still together for a good three minutes, just enjoying our company.

The dog dozed behind me at the front of the patio.

Then a doe walked right up, face next to my shoulder. Wed already spoken 15 minutes earlier. I offered my hand. She responded by touching it with her nose.

Everyone calm. Everyone content. Everyone feeling love.

Five different species all in sync. Peace and joy. Right in my yard.

This is the way life is supposed to be.


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