Marching Orders

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By Mike Johnson

I awoke planning to drive 100 miles to a town I rarely visit. The appeal was visiting a fresh place to make fresh discoveries.
New is fun.

Then I considered the four hours in a car. The trading of a full day. A tank of gas. Saying “no” to all my other potential choices.

Then I realized I’d get more benefit from my trip if I did a few “drive-bys” of businesses for sale while in that area. But that requires research. Which I haven’t yet done.

Then I asked myself why I was planning to make that trip and who was pushing me to do it?

So I went conscious and aware, then sat with the decision.

Suddenly, staying home seemed the better and easier option. Now I’m free to make any other use of my time. Without all that effort.

Where we place our attention and what we do WITH that attention determines our outcomes in life.

Any decision, changes our world.

By saying no to the trip, I may have avoided death in a car accident.

Or, I may have missed seeing an opportunity that spectacularly improves my life.

Or perhaps, either way I decide, nothing noteworthy will occur to me, but will somehow impact others.

You never know. Until you decide and jump in.

But best to jump in fully conscious and aware.

Today, the great opportunity will have to find me at home.

Tomorrow? You never know.


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