Creating Fake "Knowledge" From Thin Air

By Mike Johnson

Imagine feeding 70 million people every DAY.

Imagine the number of man-hours worked by two million employees, in 38,000 global restaurants, to create & sell $21 billion worth of food.

This was McDonald’s in 2019.

All those transactions, supplies, utilities, equipment, real estate, advertising, customers, employees & labor was required to generate $21 billion.

In March, the US Congress passed a Covid bailout bill for $2.2 TRILLION. Which is 2,200 BILLIONS. Which is more than ONE HUNDRED TIMES the annual sales of all McDonald's in the world.

Of course, the federal government doesn’t have that much money. They just borrowed it from the Federal Reserve, who created it out of thin air.

Can you imagine that level of power? It takes 2 million employees, 38,000 locations and an ENTIRE YEAR to generate $21 billion in sales. A central bank can create ONE HUNDRED TIMES that amount in a few seconds of typing on a keyboard.

Let that sink in.

Is there now any doubt who owns our leaders, our governments, our political parties, our corporations, our “experts,” our pharmaceuticals and the global media that broadcasts the “news” that creates our “reality?”

Everything we‘re told may be wrong.

Do your own research. Become your own expert. Your freedom and your very life depend upon it.


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