Medical Industry is Sick

By Mike Johnson

Virtually all large systems are defective.
The medical industrial complex only follows government as the worst. It kills at least 400,000 Americans every year by mistakes.
Medical errors are the third-largest cause of death in the USA.

Using the equivalent of stone knives and bear skins, “doctors” claim to be superior to God’s immune system.

They can’t explain what makes a cell divide, how a thought can move a finger or what animates your body.
They can’t even duplicate a booger.

But they insist their pill or injection or surgery can cure.

These are the same people who hid cheap, effective, proven home treatments from you for the magic virus. They never even told people how to strengthen their immune systems.

Then they used a flawed test that created false-positives to scare people into their hospitals. Then they killed hundreds of thousands with remdesivir and ventilators.
Most covid deaths were actually murders by hospital. Worse, the hospitals were PAID tens of thousands by the federal government for using each of those deadly treatments.

Nurses who tried to expose the crimes were censored and fired. Tens of thousands of other nurses were fired for refusing to take the experimental bioweapon injections. They’d seen the damage it caused their patients.

Unless you do your own research, you’ll never learn this. The same cabal who own the hospitals, own the vaccine companies and own the national media. They bought off your local media by purchasing tens of thousands of dollars worth of "public service announcements," pushing their harmful masks and poisonous, experimental injections.

Millions still willingly turn their lives over to these barbaric health hotels, suffer their endless, bankrupting tests and then are discharged with multiple prescriptions, feeling worse than when they went in.

I know this is true because it happened to me. They couldn’t diagnose a simple vertebrae slippage that started poking my brain stem. They diagnosed the massive headache and other symptoms as a tick bite. The doctor wrote, “the patient said he’d been bitten by a tick.” No, this patient did NOT say that.

Morphine stopped the headache but they never found the bone poking the brain stem. I was discharged after three days, still feeling horrible. Cost: Well over $10,000.

Luckily, a holistic practitioner quickly saw the problem, easily slipped the bones back into place, which cured all the symptoms. Cost: $65.

Now the corrupted medical industrial complex is actively trying to shut down these holistic medicine businesses. And eliminate safe and effective vitamin supplements too.

God gives us health, not doctors. If we get sick, something interfered with God’s miraculously designed body or its immune system. Holistic practioners look for the cause. Doctors mostly treat symptoms.

Paradoxically, the medical industrial complex is filled with some of the best employees/humans on the planet. Nurturing, caring, selfless, loving people. They do their best but rarely independently research or question what they're told.

Like all large systems, it’s the people at the top that ruin, corrupt and bastardize the system for everyone else. In my case, it was an inept, lazy, lying doctor.

Fortunately, my bad hospital experience taught me to self-educate about my own health. So I quickly defeated the magic virus symptoms with the cheap home treatments. Hundreds of thousands of other people weren’t so fortunate.

The moral? Doubt and question every large system, everywhere, always.

Especially the ones that affect you in a life or death manner.



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