The Win File

By Mike Johnson

It’s difficult discovering who you are when you’re actually FIFTY different people.
Happy, sad, creative, lazy, loving, angry.
Different mental state, different person.

If your states change due to random stimuli, you’ll never stay focused long enough to achieve your dreams.

Constant, vigilant awareness is the life skill that separates the achievers from the grievers.

As you observe your mental states, you can nudge them higher with an ingenious tool: “The Win File.”

It’s simplicity itself. Every time you achieve something noteworthy, document it and place it in a folder.

Do it at home and do it at work. Over time, you’ll have a fat pile of documented successes.

Now, when feeling less than your best, sift through the file to remind yourself how great you really are.

At work, use the file to support your argument for a better performance review and larger raise.

At home, use it to inspire yourself to a higher state so you achieve your largest dreams.

You can fixate on your shortcomings, or you can fixate on your strengths.

The Win File stacks the deck in your favor.


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