Accounting Begins When Your Number Is Up

By Mike Johnson

Death starts the tabulation.
Did you win or lose the game?

How strict is the grading scale?
Is there remedial tutoring for slow learners?
Or will you permanently be cast into the reject bin?

These are the big questions. The aware and awake study them deeply and often.
The older you get, the more important they become.
Because you can hear the music youll soon be facing.

Im at that age where I see people younger than me dying every day.
It reminds me Im on borrowed time.
It was always such.

But now, due to the bioweapon vax, Im reading about 8-year-olds dropping dead.
Healthy, perfectly fit sports players in their 20's and 30's.

When the obituary says "suddenly" or "unexpected," it's likely they were killed by the bioweapon injections.

Were ALL on borrowed time. But now, more than ever, you can be yanked from the game with zero notice.

Then your soul's accounts will be counted and logged.

Decisions will be made. Transfer orders issued. Consequences doled out.

Are you ready to meet the great tabulator?


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