Entrepreneurs Question Everything

By Mike Johnson

One source says a mask protects you from the virus. Another says restricted breathing reduces oxygen levels, weakens immune systems, making it more LIKELY to catch the virus.

Entrepreneurs are used to seeing conflicting information. We look at conventional wisdom, question its rationality & look for better ways. We gather all information, sift through the spoils & keep the gold nuggets.

We see no halo of invincibility around "experts" or "credentials." They are just another source.

We've dealt with too many idiots with prefixes before their names, or letters after their names, whose own lives reflect a failure at their own "expertise."

But if a person has already achieved what we desire? Now their advice holds greater value.

By their fruits ye shall know them.

Entrepreneurs do not delegate the content in our minds. We question. We do our own research. We assemble information in unique ways for our own benefit. Often, when we discover a new design that benefits us, it will benefit many others.

A company is launched. Jobs are created. Life improves just a bit more.

You are the entrepreneur of your life. Question it. Research it. Design it. Become your own expert.

How will you know when you arrive?

By their fruits ye shall know them.


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