The Lone Ranger

By Mike Johnson

What’s your range?

Can you hold two opposing thoughts in your head while you collect the puzzle pieces that reveal which is correct?
Do you have the courage to challenge the conventional wisdom that is accepted as true by millions?
Can you make yourself do the things that need to be done to achieve your dreams?

The greater your range of critical thinking, courage and self-discipline, the greater your life.

This range is revealed when you are alone. Just you and your consciousness.

Your report card is your existing life. Make a deep, forensic review.

Are you an asset to the world or a detriment?

Are you proud or ashamed?

Do you feel peace or anxiety? Love or fear? Joy or regret?

No matter what your review reveals, you have the capacity to be far more. FAR, FAR, FAR more.

Humans are resilient and stretchable, with infinite levels of higher awareness and potential. This very instant, you can make a new decision and create a spectacularly better life.

Sit alone.

Horse around with your range.

Decide to become the hero of your own worthy story.

You’re the lone ranger.



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