Humans: Neither Here Nor There

By Mike Johnson

Our past is so revered because it is known. Done. Fixed. Unchangeable. Certain.

Unlike the future which is unknown. Anything could happen. Horrible or glorious. As humans, we tend to fixate on the negative.

The past is certain. The future is scary.

So we fixate far more on the past than the future.

This negates the present. Without the present, we have no life.

We’re dead to right now, fixated on static memories. Or we die a thousand times in advance by fixating on future worries.

When in the past or future, we are not here.

In an 80-year life, most people are not here for even a year.

This is why awareness is more important than any other skill.

This is why those with an ounce of awareness easily pound the competition.

If you’re not aware, you’re not here.

If you’re not here, you’ll never get there.


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