Grace Assists the Human Race

By Mike Johnson

Comparison can be the death of joy.
But for the aware, it can be the birth of inspiration.
Or a big reminder of good fortune.

Most of the people I encounter are trapped.
Financially, physically, mentally, spiritually.

This makes me sad.

But it also launches gratitude for my studies, my choices, my actions and the grace I received.

There are many of us who thank the creator for our blessings by trying to help humanity.

But money, advice, emotional support and words have no power of their own. No one can fix or improve anyone by gifting external assistance.

The critical ingredients are all inside the people who want escape. Desire. Curiosity. Awareness. Faith. Critical thinking. Self-discipline. Self-worth. Confidence. Courage.

With those ingredients engaged, external assistance CAN help someone stuck to move forward.

One way to develop those ingredients is to study those who have already achieved what you desire.

Now comparison becomes your inspiration.

Grace is the power that connects those who can help, to those ready for help.

Anything less is just casting pearls before swine.

If you feel trapped, look inward for the ingredients required to escape.

Grace will make the needed introductions.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.


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