To Everyone Who Will Never Read This

By Mike Johnson

If youíre reading this, youíve identified yourself as aware, intelligent, discerning and a superior representative of your species.
Youíre also likely attractive, witty and an expert on human nature.
Lesser, unaware people donít just stumble upon this website.

You know who Iím talking about.

The guy who blocked the aisle with his cart then wandered off searching for oatmeal.

The woman wearing a mask, alone in her car, who refuses to pull into the intersection when waiting to make a left turn.

The friend who trusts nothing until he sees it on CNN.

Unaware people are everywhere.

Somedays, I believe there are only a dozen vibrantly alive, aware humans on this entire world. The rest are just obstacles blocking direct shots on the bumper pool table of life.

Nobody advances until they stop being a willing knucklehead in the devilís paradigm.

One day youíre stuck in traffic like a million other schmoes. Then grace places a stray thought in your head.

"Why does everyone accept this? This system is bullshit! There must be a better way."

So you push a different button. And learn you have a flying car!

Now you have a higher perspective. The insanity below is now obvious. Despite a million people believing traffic is the only way, your way is better!

How can you be smarter than a million other people?

You became aware of better ways to do things.

Ways that exist outside the devilís conventional wisdom systems. Ways youíll only discover if you look outside the devilís controlled information bubbles.

If youíre reading this, you know what Iím talking about.

If youíre not, only the grace of a new thought can save you.

Until then, no one, anywhere, can help you, EVER.


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