Financial Freedom: Where to Start?

By Mike Johnson

To earn income in this world, you have to exchange something of value.
The more value you offer, the more income you earn.
For most, this value is traded by performing duties at a job.

Unfortunately, trading time for money at jobs is the least effective way to earn it.

Better ways are working for yourself, or starting or buying a business or income property.

But where to start that journey?

Study people who have already achieved what you desire.

This study does not require college. It can be done by reading books and training materials, speaking to achievers or attending focused classes or seminars.

This is self-study. Self-study is the fastest, least-expensive, most effective way to learn. This is because you're creating the curriculum in the subjects that most light you up.

Now apply your learning to real life actions and you are well on your way to financial and time freedom.

Here is the big picture: The Many Ways to Earn Income Besides Jobs

I made the journey from jobs to freelance writing to entrepreneur to passive income to early retirement. In retrospect, there is no reason why I couldn’t have skipped right from jobs to mostly-passive income.

Eventually, everyone learns that time is far more valuable than money.

Earning income in the easiest, fastest and most effective ways provides far more time than anyone working a job.

When you're both a millionaire and an houraire, anything is possible.



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