Advice From the E-Trade Baby

By Mike Johnson

They laughed when they saw me penciling out the daycare center.

Now their moms write the weekly checks out to ME.

Next on my list: Huggies, Hasbro & Hershey.

You may not have early-retired at age three, but you could have. It's just a matter of finding the right business, right financing and right manager.

While your friends are still napping, you could be snuggled on the chest of a super model, nursing a warm milk, while flying first-class to Disney World.

It's just a matter of guile and panache.

That and a big damn Gerber baby smile.

And of course, Jimmy. He early-retired at age 2. Bought his own formula company, added a secret ingredient and turned it into a brew-pub. Now he Similacs for nothing.

But to his credit, Jimmy published a how-to coloring book that showed others how to copy his journey. I found some change in the couch, bought a copy and the rest is his-story.

Well, now, my story.

You can do the same.

A man only needs so many Benjamins. So now I help others escape the crib.

If you're tired of hearing the same old conventional nursery rhymes, check out my most mature thinking via the link below.

(Spits up here) Whoa!

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