Learning to Fly

By Mike Johnson

I was 21 when I picked up the copy of Richard Bach’s “Illusions.” Newly married, Margie & I were at the laundromat.
As the machines did their thing, I walked to the used book store next door.

The odds of me randomly picking up any specific book were one-in-thousands. Then grace took control. Now it was one-in-one.

I never saw the pixie dust. Or felt the breeze of angel wings. Or heard the celestial cheers when my hand touched the book.

But it was one of those moments.

I’d boldly asked the universe to explain life, so the universe rearranged the cosmos to put lesson #1 right into my hands.

Bach was an amazing writer who also happened to be a pilot. He fit the Hemingway mold – live a brave life then write about it. But instead of punching out bare-bones words, Bach elegantly spread them as if frosting a wedding cake.

“Illusions” is factual fiction. The story was true, it just hadn’t yet specifically played out in this dimension. Until Bach shared it.

He’d earlier written “Jonathan Livingston Seagull,” a self-actualization best-seller that I hadn’t yet discovered. I’d also later become a repeat reader of his non-fiction love story, “The Bridge Across Forever.”

Already burning with the desire to write, these books threw gasoline on my fire. And added the urge to fly airplanes.

A decade later I graduated pilot ground school. 13 years later I’d quit corporate to leap into freelance writing.

This is the power of books.

I never got around to flying airplanes. But I learned how to fly over illusions, supported by invisible grace, inspired entrepreneurial ideas and writing skills.

The view up here is amazing.

Bach had it pegged. Most everything on this realm is illusion.

What you do with those illusions becomes your reality.



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