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By Mike Johnson

Iíve experienced migraines throughout my entire life.
Even in elementary school I remember laying on the sanitary paper that covered the cot in the nurseís office. I was there at least once a week, sleeping off another headache.

Over the years Iíve identified numerous triggers.
Cheese. Sweets. Alcohol. Smoke. Humidity. Heat. Broken sleep pattern. Stress.
In an effort to avoid pain, I eliminated triggers as much as possible. My world got progressively smaller with fewer choices and randomly missed events due to migraine.

It was just the way I was.

Headaches were sharply reduced after leaving high-stress, high-humidity, hot Florida. Wyomingís crisper, low humidity air coupled with fewer people, was a magic elixir.

Another big help was an alternative medicine practitioner who aligns my skeleton and muscles every month. When nerves arenít pinched the body can work as it was designed. Today, my migraines are 90% less than Floridaís worst times.

Even so, I awaken with one now and then. Most can be fought off with a couple pills and some peace, quiet and darkness.

Yesterday, I knew I was doomed. I awoke to a migraine too far advanced to escape (what the hell happened overnight?). I took care of the minimum dog and cat needs and abandoned the morning back to bed. By 2PM the pain was still an 8 out of 10. Two different doses of Advil hadnít worked. Sleep hadnít worked.

Was it food? I hadnít eaten. So I methodically heated some chicken noodle soup. Picture a shaky old guy shuffling about the kitchen, turning a two-minute job into ten. Then sitting alone at the table, back to the brightest light entering the house, slowly slurping soup with crackers.

But my studies keep pounding that our outer world is just a reflection of our inner consciousness. Raise your inner consciousness and you raise the quality of your outer reflection.

So I went inner. And used my mantras. Dropped fixation on the pain. Quieted my mind. And went into meditation mode. I felt the quickening buzz of vibrating higher. I suppose this lasted 15 minutes.

The pain had dropped 90%, giving me the certainty that the rest would soon dissipate. So I folded the dryer laundry, a pleasant, non-stressful activity that took just enough attention to distract me from that last 10%. I soon felt so good that I culled my closet of 20 shirts to free up hanging space on the bar. I was back!

In retrospect, climbing in consciousness allowed the reset of my body to its perfect, default position. I didnít cure the headache, I stopped fixating on it and left it behind.

The invisible life force that animates our flesh, does so with perfection. As long as we get out of the way. But I know firsthand that when in pain, this is very difficult.

Iím not cocky enough to claim Iíve licked migraines forever. But yesterday was a win. Progress. A new memory of success I can call upon in the future.

It seems that going higher inside, is the best medicine outside.


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