The Best Idea Factories

Photo by Margie Johnson

By Mike Johnson

Bookstores. The bigger, the better. There is no better place under one roof to gather ideas.
Every possible topic is presented in creative ways.

Via book.
Via magazine.
Via game.
Via novelty products.
Via people watching.

Bring a notepad. A phone camera. A fresh, open, curious mind.

Now wander. Take your time. See what catches your attention. Make a list. Snap some photos.

Later, review your findings and create new combinations. Identify topics that light you up. Things that are missing in your locale. New solutions to old problems.

Business ideas.
Craft ideas.
Writing ideas.
Hobby ideas.
Research ideas.
Entertainment ideas.
Relationship ideas.
Self-development ideas.

Treat it as an expedition. You're exploring and cataloging an ancient treasure room of ideas.

Take your time. Buy a coffee. Luxuriate in the ambiance. Relax into it. Ask the universe to present what you most need.

You're standing in a room that holds the keys to your largest desires.

One idea can turn a mundane life into one filled with purpose. Passion. Poetry.

This could be the most important adventure you ever undertake.


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