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By Mike Johnson

There are things you cannot undo. Cannot unsay. Cannot unthink.
Things that expose you as operating at less than your best ideal.
At times you’ve been a shit.

But even then, you were doing the best you could, with the resources you had, as you faced those moments.
Through the pain of falling short, or the pain of negative consequences, or the pain you caused others, you learned.
Hopefully, through awareness, growth and self-discipline, you’re no longer that person. You’re better. You’ve evolved.

Unless you are in the small percentage of sociopaths and psychopaths who do not have a conscience. Now there are no self-limits to what you will do.
You’re a menace as a friend, a spouse, a citizen. You’re a huge danger if given authority.
You’ve gone dark and gone evil. But you don’t see it. Introspection doesn’t work when you don’t consider the needs of others.
Karma is going to kick your ass. HARD. This is a description of today’s most powerful leaders.
Only divine grace can save their soul. This post cannot help those people.

But back to normal people.

Other regrets come from inaction.

Failing to say the honest, important words. Failing to seize an opportunity. Failing to chase a dream.
These situations can still be partially redeemed. Late is better than never. If you’re still here, you can make amends, make a fresh choice, veer off your habitual path.

As we age, we inventory regrets. Some people are eaten up by them. If we’re wise, we resolve them. By inspired and courageous words, thoughts and actions.

When we leave our body behind, we’ll experience a life review.

As we look back on a lifetime of living, I suspect we’ll feel much better being able to say, “I’m glad I did,” rather than “I wish I had.”


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