The Courage To Be You

Free use photo from Pixabay

By Mike Johnson

Scott was a bit “off.” Nice guy, good heart, but a bit slow.
Not quite Forrest Gump but no Ferris Bueller either.

Yet he was fascinating to watch. He dreamed up service club activities and waded into the public asking for support.
People saw his flaws but adjusted their own behaviors to harmonize with Scott and fulfill his requests.
Like a rock in a stream, Scott was openly himself and the world smoothly adjusted its flow to accommodate him.

Most don’t possess this courage to be themselves. They suppress their uniqueness to merge with the stream, rather than expose who and what they really are.

When there are no rocks in the stream, you have a canal. Which is more beautiful and inspiring? A canal or a rocky cascade?

The world will adjust to who you really are. It needs your full dimension.

Don’t adjust to the world. Have the courage to make the world adjust to you.


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