Wealthy Wonders

By Mike Johnson

In 1959, Golden Glow Sales Corporation launched “Wonders of the Animal Kingdom.”

This fat, full color sticker book was distributed to grocery store customers across the country. Customers received the book for free and then received so many animal stickers based on purchase amount. The beautiful animal stickers were then to be affixed in the appropriate blank spaces next to descriptive text about the animals. The promotion’s goal was to build loyalty, which was required because 400 stickers were needed to fill out the book.

I remember the excitement of affixing stickers in my book as a kindergartener. The reptile page burned its way into memory because it was some of the only stickers we received. I don’t know why, but we never completed the collection. No idea what happened to it.

That snippet of memory slid into awareness recently while I was on e-Bay searching for comics. A few quick searches turned up a dozen of these books for sale. Amazingly, I found one in great condition, filled with all 400 stickers. For a ridiculously cheap $15 it’s now prominently displayed with my comics.

Of course I paged right to the reptile section when my book arrived. There they were! The Bushmaster, the Cobra and the Crocodile. Just as I remembered them!

I find it quite the wonder that a perishable item from 1959 exists in such good condition. That it was completed with the entire collection of stickers. That due to a large supply, was so inexpensive, especially since it carries such high value to me.

Opportunities seemingly arrive randomly. Supply and demand creates price variations that sometimes favor a prepared buyer. If you take swift action, they become yours.

Developing the eye, in an array of topics, presents a plethora of profitable possibilities.

With the right awareness, wealthy wonders never stop arriving.


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