The Essence of Life

By Mike Johnson

There is the shell of life & there is the ESSENCE of life.

There are donuts & there are JELLY donuts. Many people never taste the jelly.

A home is a shell. The skills & actions it took to OWN the home are the essence. Now as you luxuriate in the home, you experience the inner glow of achievement. You know if you ever lose the home, you have the inner abilities to replace it with another. No one can take that away. This is the essence.

Everything has a shell & an essence.

A job is the shell. Fulfilling, productive work is the essence.

A mate is the shell. Love is the essence.

Money is the shell. How it's earned & used is the essence.

Charity & welfare provide the shell but never the essence. People who do not earn their own way in life are cheating themselves of the best parts of life.

Give a man a fish & you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish & you feed him for a lifetime.

When people become self-sufficient, they not only gain the things, they gain the essence. The jelly.

Charity & welfare may keep a body alive, but they don't keep a spirit alive. Once the spirit dies, the body accepts perpetual dependence. So what appears to be "help" on the outside, steals the best part of the inside.

If able, help with immediate needs, yes. But don't forget the jelly.

Without the essence, life is just a shell.


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