Fight For You

Free use photo from Pixabay

By Mike Johnson

The world is happy to walk all over you.
Aware people tell the world to pound sand.

From the frustration of traffic, to the captivity of work schedules, to the theft of taxes, to the expectations of family, life is filled with unpleasant “duties.”

Some perform these duties as proof of their self-discipline. Their toughness. Their role as bread winner for loved ones.

Fine. It’s your life, you can justify miserable duties all you like.

But the aware eliminate these miseries through two approaches. They either change their mind to redefine that misery as less miserable, or change their external world to avoid the unpleasant misery altogether.

Either way works. A combination of the two might be best.

But once you start refusing to engage in certain activities, expect pushback from loved ones.

This is when you get to decide just who and what is most important.

Most people quietly simmer and take one for the team. They fake their acceptance and do something they hate. Which satisfies others but leaves them angry.

Honesty is the better policy. Refuse to abuse yourself and explain why.

You’ll be called selfish. Inconsiderate. Self-centered. So be it.

YOU and YOUR feelings are just as much a consideration as the feelings of others. Martyring yourself for others becomes a habit that ruins your life.

You owe nothing to anyone. Especially to people who expect you to experience misery so they can experience pleasure.

Fight for you.


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