How to Gain Awareness

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By Mike Johnson

Awareness is the gateway drug to the mastery of anything.
In any group of a hundred, only five percent are aware.
Aware people are Babe Ruth. The rest are in Little League.

Awareness includes several superior traits:

Courage to question “experts” and conventional wisdom.
Non-mainstream self-education.

The strength to stand alone may be the most important. By definition, the aware five percent of humanity see more than most others. So they’re used to solitude, even when surrounded by the masses.

The masses are conventional. They copy their peers. They follow the herd. They conform to the “average.”

The average way of doing things is called “wisdom.”

Ha! When aware people look closer at any mass “wisdom” they easily find a dozen ways to get better results. Results the masses wish they had, but will never achieve by following conventional wisdom.

This is why aware people scan the masses and just shake their heads.

The masses follow the herd even though the herd doesn’t get the results they desire. For some unknown reason, they just can’t see this disconnect.

They are not aware.

So what causes awareness?

Can it be taught? Or can it only be attained by God’s grace?

One thing is certain, it occurs person-by-person on an individual basis. There is no group awakening.

You come in alone, you go out alone. Personal growth is your personal responsibility. It's all on you.

You invite awareness when you take a fresh look at one thing and ask the obvious question.

Let's start with money:

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