Two Weeks

Free use photo from Pixabay

By Mike Johnson

Iíve been expecting the financial system to collapse since 2008.
Ever since, Iíve monitored doomers who predicted one calamity after another to occur in about two weeks. Or a month. Or 90 days.
I was guilty of focusing on these predictions too. Most never occurred.

Yet the trajectory of decline and decay marches on, our money buying less and our news cycles more dangerous and deprived.

Doomers werenít wrong. They were just early.

What they feared the most was not being prepared for a sudden collapse of society. Better to be years early than a minute too late.

Back in 2008, mainstream media refused to cover the dire trends. Today, they lead their newscasts with them.

So the progression from ďnormalĒ to end-times has been consistent and accelerating. Iíve learned it takes a long time to turn an aircraft carrier.

At least we were given plenty of notice. Nobody can say they werenít warned.

Only the most unaware or the most spiritually advanced havenít detected the trend.

What a crazy world. Itís created by God but its human systems are run by the devil. It manifests the most heinous crimes and the most soul-stirring beauty.

The range of possible realities is infinite.

As individuals, I believe we have the power to select our reality.

Our selector is our focus.

People survived the Great Depression. Survived the front lines of war. Survived the Holocaust.

Was it luck, or was it something invisible, deep inside?

Whatever we focus upon expands. Whatever we ignore shrinks.
How we use that power determines the quality of our life.

Focusing inside just might reveal stunning life & death powers we never realized we had. Powers far more valuable than any physical powers.

We were made in Godís image. Might that include some of Godís powers?

ďMy Father and I are one.Ē

ďThe kingdom of heaven is within.Ē

ďAll these things and greater, you can do too.Ē

Perhaps we SHOULD ignore the doomers and focus inward for a spell. Just long enough to break our doom-following habit to give a higher reality a chance.

Perhaps two weeks?


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