Every Instant, Every Outcome

Free use photo from Pixabay

By Mike Johnson

Your reality is flexible. But not if youíre unawarely rigid.

You reach for the coffee. But you could drink cocoa. Or Hawaiian Punch. Or water.

But you donít even see those choices. The coffee is a habit. The habit is an addiction. A fixed action that is rigid because it is never reviewed, just played out on auto-pilot.

We write the software that runs our lives on the fly. In slap-dash fashion. Our bodies and minds then automatically obey, never reviewing other options. So we repeat the same patterns every day.

Which turns into months and years on auto-pilot, which is the same as eliminating every other option.

Until we wake up. And look for better choices.

Tomorrow, instead of turning right to go to work, you could turn left to the book store. You could research a better place to live. Launch a new adventure to generate your own income. Adopt a new friend at the animal shelter.

Every instant of every day you have the ability to turn your life upside down and travel a totally different path.

Or just tweak the aspect that causes frustration.

You have the God-like power to CHOOSE.

But only if youíre aware.



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