Edit Life

Free use photo from Pixabay

By Mike Johnson

Every morning, before writing my daily post, I reread my prior day post.
I nearly always notice a couple ways to make it better. So I edit.
Most days, I read several of my older posts. And often make edits in them too.

Thatís life. With a fresh look, fresh perspective, you see ways to improve.

Fortunately, text is static. It doesnít change until I change it. And making a change is fast and easy.
Itís one of the rare ways you can change the past.

Advanced souls have other ways. They can rewrite their mental memories of the past to reduce pain, forgive themselves or even link bad experiences to later, big successes that never wouldíve occurred without the past bad events.

REALLY advanced souls just nullify the past, knowing they are no longer that person at all. So it makes no sense to languish in someone elseís memories. They can look back to detect tendencies and connect dots but are free of the emotional baggage.

None of this is possible without awareness and solitude. You must make the time for introspection or youíll never improve your life.

The ability to edit your thoughts, emotions, words and actions grants the ability to improve your consequences and circumstances.

Life is hard. Self-editing makes it easier.


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