Go Premium

By Mike Johnson

The best burger presentation I ever experienced was at Ford's Garage, in Brandon, Florida. They have a handful of these restaurants in Florida.

They're so proud of their work they brand their name into the top of the bun. The bar sits under elevated Model A Fords. The restroom sinks rest in a tire & the water faucet is a gasoline pump nozzle. The urinal is a cutaway beer keg.

In short, they added pizzazz to something common. Of course their prices reflected the premium presentation.

I've run cheap businesses & I've run premium businesses. Premium is more fun.

Premium attracts better customers. Better employees. Higher prices & higher profits. Premium provides enough resources to do everything first-class. This results in pride & a desire to continuously wow your customers with new surprises.

It's far easier to impress customers with unexpected delights than by low prices. Price is just one aspect of the experience. Businesses that compete on price are commodities available everywhere. They sell goods and services yes, but they sell no love. No creativity. No experiences. No memories.

Our trolley tour business sold love. We went premium. And its success changed our lives.

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