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By Mike Johnson

After the JFK murder, aliens were my next rabbit hole.
NASA’s Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions had captured our generation’s full attention.
I thought it obvious that in an infinite universe there had to be other life.

Of course I started at Roswell.
The 1947 crashed and recovered alien craft was loudly announced by the US military, then retracted the next day.
It turned into a weather balloon overnight.

Fifty years later, I see how their deception pulled me in. That the original announcement came from “authority” was a clue that deception was underway. Both the announcement and the retraction were deception.
Maybe something happened. But I’m certain it’s different than portrayed.

Today, I still believe there are aliens. But I don’t believe in “space.” Thousands of experiments by both scientists and amateurs (including me) have detected no earth curvature. No curvature means no round earth.

Other evidence: Wernher von Braun and astronaut admissions, “space station” video evidence, photoshopped pictures of earth, helium balloon satellites, rocket lift-offs with multiple edits, curved rocket trajectories, and caught-red-handed space fakery, all prove we’ve never been outside the biblically-described firmament dome.

So where do extraterrestrial aliens come from?

From the extra, terrestrial, outer space, beyond Antarctica.

On a flat plane, “Antarctica” is an ice wall that circles all our known lands, holding in the seas. We live in a giant pond. Water does not curve anywhere in our direct experience. It always finds its level. It certainly did not curve the 115 feet that mathematics said it was supposed to do during my Lake Yellowstone curvature experiments. It did not curve ANY feet. A shoreline is required to hold in water.

The above pictured, ancient, Tibetan flat earth map shows Antarctica surrounding our world as this shoreline.

To me, this is more believable than entire oceans curved onto a ball, spinning 1,000 miles per hour, trillions of tons of weight and force, held on by gravity, yet a hummingbird can still hover off the ground at my feeder.

This map shows our “pond” on a flat plane with many other continents on the same, enormous flat plane, but outside the boundaries of our pond.

Perhaps these other continents have “alien” civilizations. They are not thousands of light years away in "space," they are merely thousands of miles away on land. Hidden from us by the round-earth fairy tale created by the GLOBELists running the place. Why else would all the world agree to -- and never war over -- a treaty that forbids citizen exploration on or over Antarctica? Naval ships actually patrol the coastlines to keep people out. Besides the tiny tip of one peninsula, no one but government and military is allowed on Antarctica.

Some maps even conjecture a couple hundred extra continents surrounded by water like ours, creating their own pond-worlds.

Do we all share the same firmament dome or does each "pond" have its own? Is the firmament a security barrier to keep danger out or a fence to keep us in?

These are interesting rabbit holes because they are still new to me.

After 66 years, any new thought is interesting.

Having the time to explore them is priceless.



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