There is No "Science"

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By Mike Johnson

There is no “Science.”

There are only the people who present it to us.

People are fallible. Corruptible. Imperfect.

People lie. People embellish. People can be bribed or threatened. People injure, steal and kill.

“Scientists” are people.

Every “fact” you receive secondhand can be biased, manipulated, altered, bastardized or fabricated out of thin air.

Everything you think you know is based on trust. If you trust the source, you trust the information. Even if it's nonsense.

Unfortunately, most mainstream sources are now dishonest or corrupted. They have been captured by the global cabal that has used unlimited money, blackmail and physical threats to take over most every major human system on our realm.

We’ve allowed God’s creation to be overthrown by devils. LYING devils.

A lie is the cheapest form of attack. It costs the devils nothing yet gets spectacular results. It keeps a "peaceful battlefield" that prevents us from attacking back. If fooled or confused by lies, we just go about our normal activities while we're quietly being destroyed.

Our misplaced trust makes it easy for the devils to have their way with us.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

In today’s world, self-research, critical thinking and discernment are the most valuable skills.

Human nature is the most valuable study.

Perspective and pattern recognition are the deepest forms of wisdom.

Without these, you are easy prey for devils.

With them, you stop the devils advance.

Look deeper. Get second opinions. Gain clarity. Boldly don the armor of God. Live your life in courageous ways you’ll be happy to talk about on the other side.



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