Job Trafficking

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By Mike Johnson

Surveys reveal up to 70% of workers dislike their jobs.

Perhaps it's due to one of these slang definitions.

Just Over Broke.
Jockey Of Bastards.
Juggles Only Bullshit.

The good news is that you donít need a job, you only need income.

Income exists in the wild, jobs exist in captivity.

Jobs answer to a boss, income answers to YOU.

Income frees you from the commute, jobs never commute your imprisonment.

You donít have to quit cold turkey. You can quit warm eagle.
Start a side gig.

This allows you to test ideas within the safety of a steady paycheck.
Expand your self-confidence.
Learn how to run a business.
Slash taxes.
Earn more money.

Now, when you feel ready, apply all of that to your permanent escape.

Here is how I did it: How These Snacks Created a Wealth Feast


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