Take Over Yellowstone

By Mike Johnson

Grand Prismatic hot springs is an iconic image of Yellowstone. Yet the parking lot is far less grand. It fills up early & devolves into a 45 minute line of idling cars.

Total customer service disaster.

There's plenty of land to expand the lot. There are plenty of employees who could be assigned to direct traffic. But no. The crappy parking experience is just fine with Yellowstone leaders. This has been a mess for years.

Since we live 30 miles from Yellowstone, we get lots of visitors. We visit Grand Prismatic many times each summer. So we developed a system.

We pull up to the lot, Margie hops out, walks to the head of the line and starts directing traffic to vacant spots as people leave. The line moves five times faster, complete strangers happily follow her directions & we enjoy the humor of watching Margie take over.

People want leadership. They want things to work. But when faced with dysfunction, they accept a crappy experience if others are experiencing it too. They want it to change, but won't step in and lead themselves.

Sometimes, when you want a better outcome, you have to do it yourself. If that helps others at the same time, all the better.

Be a Margie.


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