Rights Are Individual, Not Group

Free use photo from Pixabay

By Mike Johnson

Our natural, individual rights were granted by God.
Our state and federal constitutions spell out these rights.

When the people created government, they feared government would trample our individual rights. So they wrote a list of our individual rights into the constitutional contracts that chained government to just a few delegated powers. The people wanted to remind government it did not grant us those individual rights, government was only created to PROTECT those individual rights.

When you hear governments say they are taking actions to help mankind – like climate, like covid, like welfare – you know they are abusing individual rights.

The needs of the many do NOT overrule an individual right. Government has no lawful authority to do so.

Ordering masks and vaccines and lockdowns violates our individual right to be secure in our persons (4th Amendment, federal constitution).

Government restrictions placed on companies and people to “help the climate” are also outside the authority of governments. There is no delegated power granted for these actions.

Welfare is outside the authority of governments. They cannot lawfully steal money from one citizen to redistribute it to another.

80% of everything your state and federal government does today is outside the limited powers they were granted in our constitutions.

To become an informed, responsible citizen, read your state and federal constitutions.

It’ll take you about an hour.

It’ll remind you how powerful you actually are.

It’ll reveal how weak, dishonest and unlawful government actually is.

You'll use this knowledge the rest of your life.

Until you aggressively start reclaiming your individual rights, government will continue to walk all over you.

When they do, you can lawfully stop them with just four words.

I will not comply.


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