What Will You Build Today?

Do you see a home? A porch? A light?

Or do you see imagination, a dream, a manifestation?

The dawn of a new day. A moment frozen in time. A choice. A series of decisions. Focused action. Brought into physical form.

One day it only lives in imagination. Another, there it sits.

From mind to manifestation.

Physical proof that we create everything from thin air.

The earthly time delay just allows us to see the messy slow-motion manufacturing process.

And tempts us to interrupt construction with doubt, distraction & debate. Which only slows or stops the magic.

We only channel the magic. It exists thanks to a creator who gave us the power to create.

Manifest a shoe, a home, a spouse. It's all the same.

Nothingness turned into somethingness.

Look at your life. You created it all.

Imagination is your menu of choices. Focus is your selection. Physicality is the completed product.

What will you build today?


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