Never Enough

Photo: Screenshot of Loren Allred from "Britain's Got Talent"

By Mike Johnson

If our daily moments were backed by inspirational show tunes, we’d create exponentially greater achievements.

Inspirational music is the magic multiplier. It puts your talents on steroids. It’s the secret weapon that pushes you deep into spirit and soul to touch mastery.

One of the most inspirational songs ever performed is “Never Enough” in the move, “The Greatest Showman.”

If you are an entrepreneur – or anyone who aspires to be more – watch this movie. It’s as close to perfection as any inspirational musical can be.

The best scene is when Phineas Barnum brings European singing sensation Jenny Lind to New York. He has no idea of her talent and is gob smacked – along with the audience -- when she belts out “Never Enough.”

Jenny Lind is played fantastically by actress Rebecca Ferguson. But the movie producers hired Loren Allred to teach the actress how to sing that song. Loren sang so magically that Rebecca convinced the director to use Loren's voice as Rebecca lip-synced.

The lip-sync is so perfect in the movie that no one suspects the actress did not sing the song.

Here is the amazing scene from the movie: Rebecca Ferguson scene in "The Greatest Showman"

The movie producers DID give Loren credit, but only after about five minutes deep into the scrolling credits. You have to look diligently to find it.

Five years later, Loren Allred appeared on "Britain’s Got Talent" and springs this secret on the judges.

Loren’s magical, live performance is here: Loren Allred Sings "Never Enough" on "Britains Got Talent"

Do yourself the favor of viewing these links. They’ll light up your day.

But better yet, to amplify your own creations, play some inspirational music as you work your own magic.



Let's not forget the song writers of "Never Enough." Benj Pasek & Justin Paul


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