Free use photo from Pixabay

By Mike Johnson

Fame is a curse.
That belief keeps me away from it.
But everyone wants to be appreciated for their contribution.

Many artistsí work only becomes famous after they die.

The work was always valuable to those with eyes to see. But death stops the addition of new work, freezing the existing inventory forever.

Rarity increases value.

My work will fall in that category. I feel it to my core. Yet another reason why I keep freely trying to inspire, inform, entertain and enlighten.

Not that Iíll care once I depart. Iíve researched the stories of many who made it to the other side. Universally, they say itís so spectacular that this side seems a distant, impersonal black & white illusion.

So, in that regard, little we do over here is as important as it seems. Other than personal growth and how we affect others.

Selfishly, I find the process of writing enchanting. Which is payment enough. Anything else is just sprinkles on the donut.

Travelers to the other side also universally describe a life review. During the reviews, they vividly experience how their every word and every action impacted others. And then how those changes impacted the exponential number of others they encountered.

Ripples after ripples after ripples.

Which makes one pause before randomly tossing stones into ponds.


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