Top Doctor: Vax Unsafe For ALL Humans

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By Mike Johnson

Dr. Peter McCullough is a practicing cardiologist and the most published doctor in America and perhaps the world. His mainstream credentials and credibility are pristine and unassailable.

In this 17-minute video, he lays out the medical case to immediately stop ALL covid vaccines, everywhere, to everyone, forever. No first shots, no new shots, no booster shots. He says they are massively unsafe for use in any humans.

Dr McCullough Speech to EU Parliment

He is addressing the EU parliament. He is extremely clear, concise and direct. You will enjoy his speech and become smarter than anyone you know about covid and the deadly vaccines.

If you do not watch this video, the next vax injury or death could be YOU or your loved ones.

I've invested thousands of hours researching the covid situation since December 2019. Dr. McCullough is one of the first doctors to establish early home treatment protocols that stopped the virus quickly and cheaply. I used those protocols myself and defeated covid symptoms without masks or injections. Dr. McCullough says that 85% of all covid deaths would’ve been prevented if the government, media and medical cabal did not censor these early home treatments.

Like all other important topics, when you look deeper, you learn that truth is far different than what is publicly portrayed. Dr. McCullough shares these censored truths.

Ignorance has a price. In this case, it’s injury or death.

You deserve better. Watch Dr. McCullough’s speech.

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Dr. McCullough's Early Home Treatment Protocol and Detox Protocol (if you already got the jab)

One Million Brits Killed By Vax in Past Year


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