Marriage Mirth

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By Mike Johnson

Ahh, the three stages of a manís life: A&W. BMW. VFW.

Iím so old that my Realtor was Century19.

Iím addicted to tomato juice and vodka because Iím bloody married.

Iím serving the 45th year of a wife sentence.

The longer youíre married, the more your dominance goes doormat.

I say to mate her, she says to morrow.

She had me at ďHell no.Ē

On the day we met, I followed her home only to realize what she actually said was, ďcomb over.Ē

I wanted intimacy, but alas, she wanted into Macys.

Iím six feet tall. Which, according to my wife, is the height of arrogance.

When I need peace, I feed her easter candy. I donít get a Peep out of her all day.

She offers to make toast while Iím in the hot tub.

Sheís a vegetarian, so for her birthday, I bought her 24 carrots.

She also loves pie, so I sent her flours.

The next day, I was late to breakfast so she changed the lox.

I accidently slept with a dolphin but she said I did it on porpoise.

To stop spawning these one-liners, she put me on mirth-control pills.

If you toss your wife into the dryer with two socks, only one comes out, but itís worn by a lawyer.

To get even, she cooks me her best French dish: Salmon Nella.

Tired of bickering, I give her a dozen roses. She reciprocates with TwoLips.

I tell her I love her. Then I cram her into the blender. Now sheís all mixed up.


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