RVs For Numerous Reasons

By Mike Johnson

Travel well.

Nothing beats rolling down the highway in your Winnebago. With your wife driving, your dog snuggled in to share your nap.

This dog has passed, this Winnebago Brave was sold. I'm still blessed with the wife. And the memories.

For the past ten years, RV manufacturers in America have sold over 500,000 units per year. 85% of sales are towables and 15% have motors. Sales were down 20% in 2019, a leading indicator of a shrinking economy. Then Covid hit. Sales have exploded upward since.

Many of these buyers wanted a social-distanced vacation without the need for planes, hotels and restaurants.

More people are also living in used RVs out of necessity. It's the cheapest form of housing and a giant step up from living in a car.

Some people keep an RV in the backyard as overflow housing for guests or homes for kids who return to the nest.

Most just use a RV a few weeks a year for recreation.

Over a million people purposely live full-time in their RVs. It's an economical, adventurous, fascinating lifestyle. New scenery, new discoveries and new learning as often as you want to move. The only thing holding more people back from that lifestyle is income. They haven't yet broken free from trading time for money at a specified location.

We purchased another used, class C RV just before the prices went crazy-high. We see it as a portable, second home that safely stores in our barn when we're not traveling.

Spring is practicing its seduction inbetween our high elevation snow storms, so we're getting the itch to take it out.

With the popularity of RVs filling most campgrounds to capacity, we're glad we live west of the Mississippi in the lower populated, majestic natural beauty. But all these new RVs make existing campgrounds a very attractive investment. Better, many of these campgrounds are seasonal, providing a fulltime income with just six months of work.

You might look into RVs as a lifestyle and/or an investment.


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