Hidden History

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By Mike Johnson

So much of what were told can never be independently verified.
Geography, language, time and money prevent us from personally exploring 99.9% of the most fascinating places.
This is even more true regarding matters that occurred before our birth.

Give me any photo and I can change the context with a caption.
Give a fiction writer a plotline and he can create entire worlds from thin air.
Give government a hidden agenda and they can erase entire cultures, technologies, and people, easily censoring centuries of history.

All we know is what they tell us.

The world is filled with anomalies that cannot be explained by the historical timelines were given.
Spectacular cathedral architecture that cannot be duplicated today.
Hundreds of excavated buildings with windows built underground, pointing to global mud floods.
Ancient jewelry shaped like airplanes. Cave drawings of people in space helmets. Two-thousand-year-old computers on the ocean floor.

We believe what were told far too easily.

Fake history may be the biggest conspiracy of all.
It hides who we are. Where we live. How weve grown. What weve won and lost. Why were here.

By hiding all that, authority can create any historical narratives they desire out of thin air. These narratives would then control mankind.

There is evidence we underwent a global reset in the mid 1800s. As in a cataclysm so large it decimated mankind and started a new, fabricated history.

Im no authority on this, just a curious researcher.
To explore this interesting rabbit hole, you might start with this fascinating, free video: (give it half a minute to load)

The Lost History of Flat Earth


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