Photo by Margie Johnson, turned into a meme at imgflip.com

By Mike Johnson

Us going to the zoo is like a fish going to the aquarium.
Yet, we love the combination of animals and amusement park, so we go.

Mentally thanking the animals for their captivity, makes us forget our own.

The spectacular range of animal variety, color and size reveals evolution to be a lie.
Hummingbirds and giraffes are too dissimilar to have haphazardly emerged from the same spark of goo.
Clearly there is an intelligent creator with infinite imagination.

And what of the creation of man?
If man evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

And evolution only tries to explain the physical shell.
What of the spirit/soul that inhabits the shell?
How the heck does that appear out of nothingness by random chance?

The world is filled with "facts" that are nonsense.
Scrutinize everything with your senses, questions and critical thought. You'll quickly discover things are not as presented.

We're all in cages, man.

The most diabolical walls are the ridiculous fairytales we too easily ingest as rigid beliefs.

You don't escape by breaking through walls.

You escape by questioning beliefs.



The Divine Watchmaker


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