Hold On Like Grim Death

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By Mike Johnson

Slipping a human soul into a body and launching it into the world is like giving the keys for a Maserati to a 16-year-old boy.
Or giving a super-model figure to a teenage girl.
Or a nuclear missile to a chimpanzee.

Too much power, too little wisdom.

Without moment-to-moment awareness, they’re certain to lose control.

The Maserati boy could broadside a school bus.
The teen girl could become a victim of sweet-talking, creepy men.
The chimpanzee could start World War III.

Yet, awareness is elusive. The number of people who maintain awareness on a second-by-second basis is statistically zero.

They run themselves on set and forget. Auto-pilot. Stimuli and reaction.

The Maserati cuts them off in traffic and they burn with anger.
The super-model walks by and they throb with lust.
They think of the nuclear missile and pulse with worry and fear.

They careen through their day out of control, bobbing on the sea of stimuli like a cork.

Worse, each negative reaction launches harmful chemicals throughout their body.
Failing to maintain awareness is actually choosing a slow suicide.
Much sickness and disease is caused by negative thoughts.

If you fail to cling tightly to awareness like grim death -- every single second -- you might actually create a grim death.

What you focus upon expands.
What you ignore shrinks.
This explains why some succeed and some fail.

Why certain people are magnets for poverty, trouble and calamity.
Drug use.
Alcohol abuse.
Toxic relationships.

They never learned how to run their mind.

The only way to wildly succeed in life is to do so with second-by-second awareness. Watch every thought. They flow by like a river. Use your power to select and reject. Consciously decide which you let pass and which you embrace. Whatever you embrace, grows larger in your life.

Most people run on auto-pilot. They create a lesser life via inattention and default, resulting in haphazard reaction and manifestation.

If you don’t pay attention – every single moment – you pay the price.

Your entire life is at stake. This is why you absolutely MUST hang onto eternal, vigilant, constant, moment-to-moment awareness.



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