How to Earn Hundreds Per SECOND

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By Mike Johnson

I always excelled at work because I wanted the biggest raises and biggest promotions.

A hundred years ago, I received a stellar annual performance review and corresponding raise.
This put my salary up to $51,200. I was outwardly happy but quietly disappointed.

A few weeks later, the topic came up with my boss. I told him I was appreciative for the great review and raise.
But I was a tad disappointed I’d fallen just $800 short of earning $1,000 per week.

I never forgot what my boss said.

“Darn! I wish I’d known. I could’ve made that happen.”

I didn’t ask, so I didn’t get.

Later, when running my own businesses, I realized the power of asking.
If I felt comfortable asking $500 to write an article, I’d ask for $600. I often got it.

This earned me $100 in one second. For no additional work.
I should've asked for $750.

The same thing happened on the purchase side of the equation.

I once offered $300,000 less than the asking price for a mobile home park.
I had to write a letter explaining my rationale. This took an hour.
The seller agreed to the lower price.
This earned me $300,000 for an hour of work. That's $5,000 per minute or $83 per second for 3,600 consecutive seconds.

When these magic seconds arrive, sieze the opportunity.

You’ll never, ever, earn more -- or save more -- than during that one magic second when you can ask for more, or offer less.


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