Magnetic Personality

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By Mike Johnson

Gravity is a fairytale but magnetism certainly isnít.
Look closer at both and youíre ahead of 99% of the world.
Hint: research buoyancy and electrical fields.

To grasp the truth of magnetism, look at your life. You started naked, with nothing.
Look at all that surrounds you today.
Place. Profession. Passions. Possessions. People.

Why these specific manifestations and not others?

Because YOU fuel the attraction. Imagination, desire, emotion and action power your magnet.

You activated this attraction with intention, or accidently, by haphazard inattention.

This explains both triumph and turmoil.

Once you realize YOU are the cause of everything in your life, you gain the power to purposely edit and create.

That adage about having a magnetic personality?

Itís true.

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