Put George Washington to Work!

By Mike Johnson

Open your wallet. Pull out a $1 bill.

That's not George Washington, that's an employee. Are you going to let him sit around all day doing nothing? He's costing you 10% per year in lost purchasing power.

Put the slacker to work!

Sitting on your money is like putting ice cream in your wallet. It's gonna melt and you'll be left with a hell of a mess.

REAL inflation is running 15% per year (ShadowStats.com), not the 7.5% government claims. If your investments aren't gaining more than 15% per year, they aren't growing in purchase power, they're MELTING.

Uh-oh. Looks like a failure to question "authorities" and understand simple math is going to leave 90% of savers/investors screwed.

Unfortunately, there are not many conventional ways to exceed 15% returns passively.

I discovered one unconventional way that keeps my "Washingtons" working around the clock, while I do not.

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