Life Force

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By Mike Johnson

Something animates the body.
One second, it’s alive.
The next, dead.

What changed?

Clearly, there is a life force that animates all living things.

Our senses observe body, spirit, mind. We detect their differences, but they work in unison.

Something tells the body to perform thousands of duties each second.
Pump blood.
Deliver oxygen.
Launch chemicals.
Remove waste.
Repair damage.

The life force that animates the body must be the brain behind it all. It’s as if it permeates and operates and harmonizes every cell, in this enormous factory, without our conscious awareness.

It does this with no batteries. No cords. No visible power supply.

Then it shows off by making the outer façade of the factory sleek, and smooth, and rounded, and beautiful to the eye.

Wow. Each of us is a walking, talking, thinking, miracle.

No one on earth can make a life force. It did not just “evolve” out of water, salt, mud and lightning.

It required a creator. All of it. The body. The spirit. The mind.

The personality. The consciousness. The soul.

None of these things can be made or purchased on earth.

They are priceless. They are individual. Yet they are connected to the whole.

This creator made YOU. He made US. He made the whole shebang.

He’s in charge. He’s the life force. He permeates everyone and everything.

The kingdom of heaven is within.

We marinate in God.

Why should we ever fear anything?


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