Inspiration Trumps Charity

By Mike Johnson

Charity keeps the body alive but it kills the spirit.

Without the pressure of survival we never grow to potential. It's arrogance & ignorance to think we can improve on the universe's system. Everything is under its control.

The contrast of getting what we don't want pushes us to go after what we do want. We remain in pain until we decide we've had enough.

Some people never escape pain. For some reason, it's what they came to learn & experience. Who are we to override that desire?

When I was flirting with bankruptcy, I asked Dad for a loan to pay my consolidated bills. He provided $400 a month for three-plus years. I was thankful at the time, but the assistance propped up my defective mental & physical actions. I eventually went bankrupt anyway. And now owed Dad $17,000.

I wish I never asked for that loan. I felt weak, poor, ashamed & dependent.

Fortunately, we retooled our thinking & actions & turned our financial life around. We repaid Dad in full. Boy, that felt good. Giving that money back felt 100 times better than receiving it.

Long-term charity makes a classic mistake. It focuses on the body & ignores the spirit.

Inspiration, advice & how-to training is the charity that keeps the spirit alive.

Provide that & the body can take it from there.

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