Dollar Store Economy

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By Mike Johnson

Today, thanks to inflation, only one-percenters can afford 2% milk.
Even Dollar Stores are now $1.25 Stores.
Yet, they’re still a bargain.

I was there looking for card-holding inserts for my wallet. I came up empty, but left with my brain full.

So many deals on so many items! It made me realize I’ve been wasting money like a drunken sailor at the Mermaid Club.

Greeting cards for starters. Two for a dollar.

Puzzles for $1.25.
And a hundred different toys and games for the same price.
A grandpa could wildly delight any grandchild for under $5.

Monopoly, which sells for $25.00 everywhere else, was $1.25.
It was a streamlined version with vinyl game pieces, but still.
They also offered $1.25 versions of Trouble and Battleship.

Headphones, phone chargers and various connecting cables were also pennies on the dollar compared to “normal” stores.

Lots of deals on small-sized cleaning supplies, aluminum foil and personal care items.

Hobby supplies, arts and crafts, office supplies and books also sold at huge discount.

Food deals were the best. I loaded up on the larger packages of candy I use to tip our delivery people.

You have to use discernment because some things cost more when you factor in reduced size.

We’re such a wasteful society, with extravagant expectations. We habitually shop where we shop and buy what we buy. Somewhere along the line we lost touch with frugality and “simple.”

The toy aisle at Dollar Tree reminded me that just $1.25 and a smidgeon of imagination is still enough to cause delight.

I hate that we're pushed into it. But I find it comforting that as we're all forced to get by with less, there is already a system in place, successfully running its own parallel economy.


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