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By Mike Johnson

The closer you look at time, the more you realize there is no time.

Like anything, the closer you look, the more you divide and negate.

For example, under a microscope, your “solid” leg is not solid at all. Under enough magnification, there is space between every cell. The cells that make up the flesh are not connected at all. Even the individual blood vein cells do not touch. How does blood flow without leaking? How do nerves send messages if they are not physically connected at the cellular level? Look closer and your leg is exposed as unexplainable magic.

As you look at time closer, you’re dividing it into milliseconds. Once again, these milliseconds do not connect because there are always smaller milliseconds between these milliseconds. It looks solid and fluid but it is not. There is only one stationary time. NOW.

The millisecond of now.

You can only change your life in the millisecond of now. Each millisecond is independent of the others.

It is impossible to do anything yesterday or tomorrow. You can only do it RIGHT NOW.

This millisecond is the only time you have.

Look at your life. It reveals how you’ve spent your milliseconds.

Look at your future. It’ll be written beginning with this millisecond.
Project it out.
Are you in a groove or a grave?

Fortunately, you can always adjust.

It only takes a millisecond.



Momentary Lives


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