Critical Condition

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By Mike Johnson

Our oldest daughter was born 42 years ago.
My wife remembers the arduous labor.
I remember the room TV set to Game 1 of the World Series.

In the worst example of sports-fan planning ever, we married in mid-October too.

This set up baseball vs romance conflicts forever.
I learned fast, that just like games, these contests never end in a tie.
Sometimes you just have to take one for the team.

Guess which team I selected.

Luckily, I chose the wife.

This was affirmed in 2020, when I caught Major League Baseball seducing the George Floyd rioters.
Then they amplified the betrayal, sprinkling salt on my ripped-out heart, sending riot organizers tens of millions.

My hometown Twins were the worst, giving $25 million to the people who burned down a large piece of Minneapolis.
Despite our 55-year relationship, skanky MLB dumped us fans for a one-night-(grand)stand trying to look “woke.”
Shocked and heartbroken, I divorced MLB, giving them no more attention or money. Same with the NFL.

Tucker Carlson just reported that autopsy testimony proves George Floyd died by drug overdose, not police strangulation.
Those of us who looked deeper into the case already knew this years ago.
But when an “authority figure” says it, it suddenly garners more "credibility." Glad you finally came around, Tucker.

So the entire George Floyd event was a lie. The rioters were all wrong. They went savage for a fake reason.

The media who supported the rioters were all wrong. They amplified false division between cops, whites and blacks. They supported and promoted arson and looting and murder.

The organizations that gave millions to Black Lives Matter were all wrong.
They paid money to destructive thugs, pandering to the small percentage of “victims” and virtue-signalers who claim to be “woke.”

This is a clear example of the false world created by authority and media. It proves you can't trust them about ANYTHING.

“Fake news” is too soft a term.
They LIE.
These lies divide us, getting us to fight ourselves, rather than fight the liars.
These lies cost the cabal nothing, but cause those who believe, everything.

Authorities and media should be prosecuted for these lies. They lie and people die.

So far, they haven’t gotten any punishment.
Too many naive, gullible humans still trust authority and media.
They don’t know any better because they don’t proactively look for any information that is better.

The cabal’s systematic lies create a false reality in every important topic – money, medical, education, employment, justice, history, science, government, climate, politics, war and “news.”

The cabal is purposely presenting a false world to herd people right into their tyranny.

But critical thinkers have always seen the obvious.



Without more critical thinking, and punishment to these liars, our country will remain in critical condition.


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