Framing the Falls

By Mike Johnson

This majestic photo hung on my office wall for years.

I was working in Florida, wanting to live in Wyoming. Any perceptive employee could gaze at my wall and detect their boss was secretly scheming to bail out.

We leave clues like this wherever we go. What we read. How we dress. What we say. How we spend our time.

On the other hand, who cares? If what we do or collect inspires us to achieve our dreams, what do we care what others think?

The Lower Falls of Yellowstone is still my favorite place in the park. Living nearby makes my heart sing. Once only imagined, this now-reality is big in my windscreen, vivid in its clarity.

Those years in Florida, once dripping in reality, are now a hazy memory. Everything comes and goes.

Except you.

Wherever you go, there you are.

Best to make that person someone you love, someone you inspire and someone you enjoy spending time with.

Keep collecting wall hangings for inspiration.

But never forget.

Your location and life situations are merely the frame.

You're the masterpiece.


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